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PeeWee :: Ages 3-4 :: 2023-24 (Key Biscayne Residents Only)  Soccer

2023-24 :
Full Season
Aug 21 ’23
Nov 13 ’24
Village Green
Miami Waterfront

This program is for Key Biscayne residents ONLY

Effective 8/21/2023 the PeeWee Program will offer soccer to girls and boys ages 3-4 for residents of Key Biscayne only.  EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE FOR PARENTS THAT WORK ON THE ISLAND. Non-Residents will have to show proof of employment, either by a letter from their employer or a pay stub verifying that they are employed by a business on Key Biscayne. 

The program is designed to introduce players to the sport and teach age-appropriate technical and tactical skills in an environment that will foster an appreciation and enjoyment of the game while focusing on ball mastery, spacing, and coordination. Teams will practice twice a week (Monday & Wednesday).

  • No Make-up Sessions. However, we will do our best if we can reschedule time. Parents will be asked to join a WhatsApp chant and will be notified if a practice is canceled due to lightning.   
  • No Refunds after 1st week or after the initial 2 practice sessions. 
  • Each player should bring the following items to practice:
    • Soccer appropriate shoes (molded cleats or turf shoes)
    • Water bottle (Mandatory)
    • Shin Guards (Mandatory)
    • Proper sunscreen 

KBSC offers 3 sessions per season

Aug. 21 - Nov. 1 Nov. 6 - Feb. 21Feb. 25 - May 23
Village Green North

Village Green North

Village Green North

4-5pm: ages 3-4

4-5pm: ages 3-4

4-5pm: ages 3-4


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